Sharpshooters St. Louis Indoor Shooting Range

Sharpshooters Indoor Shooting Range In St. Louis

You can hear the shots from a long way away. They ring out in the crisp morning air, uninterrupted. A war-like cacophony of detonations, continuously going off. This gets me excited. I’ve been looking forward to this day for a long time.

Today I’m visiting Sharpshooters, St. Louis largest and best indoor shooting range

Inside, much nearer to the actual shooting lanes, you can hear the whizzing and popping of the dozens of rounds of ammunition being spent. Sharpshooters shooting range is located in the great city of St. Louis, Mo. It’s a Saturday morning, the air outside is very cold, even though the sun is shining bright. A couple of dozen people are already here; all of them wearing protective wear. All look as excited as I surely must.

And how could they not? Sharpshooters, one of the most modern shooting ranges in the continental United States, offers unparalleled weapons education, training, and plenty of opportunities for fun and enjoyment.

Sharpshooters’ new state of the art facility features 20 four foot wide shooting lanes with ballistic protective stalls and digital retrieval systems. The all-steel total containment bullet trap at StL Sharpshooter is the dominant industry standard for modern heavy-duty steel bullet traps which allow guests the ability to shoot most large caliber long guns.

There are as many opinions on what makes a great shooting range great as there are people who own guns. However, the fact that Sharpshooters ticks so many boxes in that conversation cannot be denied.

Sharpshooters shooting range meets, and in many ways exceeds, the regulations set forth by NIOSH, EPA, and OSHA. Sharpshooters range is one of the safest shooting ranges that I’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting. They offer a large and varied number of classes which aim to foment the love and respect for guns and gun safety. Everything from a basic, firearms safety and familiarization class designed for beginners, to more advanced fare like carbine/rifle/shotgun skill courses, and even cleaning lessons.

If you are looking to process a concealed carry permit, Sharpshooters offers a fantastic, certifiable program to do so.

And as if that weren’t enough, Sharpshooters is home to the renowned Pit and Grill’s St. Louis BBQ Restaurant. Located inside of the all-new, state of the art StL SharpShooter gun range, The Pit And Grill is open for business every day, and serving up delicious BBQ is their prerogative. 

The main draw of Sharpshooters is the on-site smoked brisket and turkey, which is smoked daily. Every day is a new batch. However, ever since my first visit, I always make sure to end my day with a plate of their sumptuous barbecuer ribs and a serving of their finger-licking brisket.

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